You choose war over peace, because…


…you don’t even realize what you’re doing.

Being peaceful“We have drama-filled lives because of fears that peace is boring. There’s a lot of reinforcement in the media for this belief, with every television show and movie filled with conflict and drama.
I discovered this personally when TV producers at three different networks separately contacted me to be in a reality show about my work. After they’d interview and film me and my family, though, each producer would say the same thing: “Your lives are too peaceful. No one would watch the show without drama and fighting. Peace is boring.”

One producer even asked us to pretend to argue, which we refused to do. With producers thinking this way, no wonder there’s so much violence on television and in movies!

Why do we associate drama with entertainment? Well, it’s because of the addiction to stress chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and histamine. The heart-pounding excitement of stress makes us feel alive… for a few moments anyway, until our energy crashes afterward in the same way a sugar high is followed by an energy lull. Studies show that these chemicals will be elevated even if we are watching the stressful situation happening to someone else, such as a dramatic television show or movie.

Adrenaline, cortisol and histamine give us a boost of energy, heightened awareness and a heart-racing thrill. The trouble is, those bodily reactions are so toxic that they can lead to serious diseases and addictions. And if that’s not enough, cortisol makes us insatiably hungry and gives us wrinkles – meaning that stress makes us look old and fat!

We also equate drama with excitement because of conditioning from upbringings in stressful environments, including school classrooms. We often accept something we’re comfortable with, even if it’s an unhealthy condition, because it’s predictable and we understand it.
As one who has lived both the crazy-stress and the tranquil, inner-peace lifestyles, I can tell you that the quieter excitement of peace yields more happiness. Being peaceful does not mean you sit around all day cross-legged with your eyes closed, repeating a mantra. You can be peaceful while engaged in very stimulating activities. It’s just that you won’t be driving yourself or other people crazy with nervous energy of fear or anxiety.” ~Doreen Virtue P.h.D