Use the questionmark


I remember how wise I was when I was a kid. Asking the most logical questions and becoming more and more frustrated when I saw I can’t find answers and realizing I was living in a totally crazy world… I even started to think there was something wrong with me.. Like most people I stopped asking questions for a while but the kid inside me has risen again. 

So let’s ask a few very simple questions. 


Why the grass is green, the sky is blue and how do the fish sleep?

Why these questions seem to be ridiculous to you my dear reader?
Why Carl Sagan said children should stay curious? And that all of them are scientists, the difficult thing is how to remain one…?
Why he said we exquisitely depend on science and technology but hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology…?
If it’s significant why we don’t care about it?
How will it effect the future?
Will we live on or will we disappear from the Earth then?
If capitalism only produces scarcity, lack, stress, frustration, environmental devastation, why do people still defend it? Why don’t we just throw it out the window, and set an entirely new system?
If we are so many, they are few -tiny few- why don’t we just go and take our world back?
If GMO food is safe, why do workers wear safety goggles, masks and gloves all the time on GMO fields?

If Michael Reynolds is right why don’t we build Earthships everywhere on the planet? 
The Earth is abundant with resources to provide for the needs of all, so why don’t we calculate how to feed everyone? Why we just let people die every day?
There is already a proper calculation by Peter Joseph. Why don’t we just use it everywhere? 
If David Icke is proven to be right over and over again throughout so many years, why not listen to him more closely? Should we stick to the notion “he is crazy” just because he says a few things that for the moment sounds too weird?

GMO,professional in uniform goggles,mask and gloves examining co

Why do we have to pay to live on the planet we were born on?
If it’s okay for a few people to create money out of nothing with typing characters on a computer screen, why can’t it be done by anyone anytime anywhere?

If being kind makes people happy why don’t we practice it every day, everywhere?

I could go on for hours, now it’s enough for a while.
If you want to find answers, please look up the above mentioned people and their work carefully and help to find the right questions to move forward! Thank you!