Throw the bones

If you observe the way how something happens over and over again, soon you start to find out the connections between certain details and you discover how it works. Even if you have a lot of questions and things you can’t explain and neither you have any evidence if it works, still you observe it again and again, wouldn’t it be foolish to simply ignore it all and act as if it didn’t exist?



 Well, let’s see how I do my work with Tarot: The only thing I know that it works – always when I’m going to make an important decision or choice in my life, I’ve been using it for myself for many years and it makes my life definitely much easier. And I use it with my clients – those who are interested in it and are open minded enough to do it with me.
Now let’s see how one of my favourite authors, David Icke speaks about these “hardly explainable” things 🙂
David Icke, Credo Mutwa & resonances

“I saw this myself when the Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, ‘threw the bones’ for me a couple of times. He has a basket of animal bones carved into various symbols and he reads the ‘future’ for people from where the bones land in relation to each other after he casts them across the floor.

I realised that I was looking at another version of casting the rune stones in Europe, or reading the tarot cards. It is the same knowledge expressed in different ways. The foundation of this common understanding is that everything is vibrating energy, as I said earlier. All may seem to be ‘solid’, but at deeper levels it is all energy vibrating at different frequencies. The same applies to the human body, mind and emotions. There are no exceptions – in this reality, anyway.

The Credo bones are also vibrating energy-fields and the symbol they are carved to represent dictates their frequency or resonance. Thought creates form, and if you symbolise something to have a certain meaning it will vibrate to that frequency. Before Credo threw the bones, he asked me to put my hands over them while they were still in the basket. This was to connect my energy field with those of the bones. The human energy-field holds the information of not only what is happening in the moment, but also the possibilities and probabilities that are likely to follow unless we change our thoughts and emotions – our vibrational state. There is no future as such… only the potential of this moment, and skilled people can read that potential through various techniques, including ‘throwing the bones’. As I put my hands over the basket, the bones were connecting energetically with my energy field, and the frequencies represented by the bones locked into the same frequencies within my ‘aura’ or auric field. I call tis vibrational magnetism and it can be likened to radio stations on the same wavelength – they connect. Where the bones are going to fall in relation to each other on the floor is determined while they are still in the basket by the energetic connections they make with the person’s own energy field. Where the bones end up on the floor is a symbolic representation of the person’s energy field. People like Credo are not really ‘reading the bones’ – they are reading you.
It is the same with rune stones and tarot cards. This is why you will choose one card from the pack and not another. One magnetically connects with your energy field, and another does not.

Be careful, though. It takes a skilled reader to interpret the meaning, be they tarot cards, bones, whatever, and many who claim to be ‘experts’ are nothing of the kind.BeyondIllusionOZT

I have had books fall from shelves in front of me in bookshops that have given me important insights, and the same principle is involved here, too. Books are energy fields and their frequency is decided by the content, which is thought expressed as words. Deeper levels of me connected vibrationally with the books that fell from the shelves because my five-sense awareness needed to read them. To my eyes, the books fell on the floor miraculously; but in fact it was an energetic connection that made it happen, no miracles necessary.
When I have seen a book and known immediately that I have had to read it, or when I hear something and know I have to act upon it, the same principle applies. There is a vibrational connection being made.
There will be many reading this who willbe saying: ‘Hey, something like that happened to me.’ It’s far more common than people realise.

How ironic that the carriers of the knowledge through the generations from the ancient world, shamans like Credo Mutwa, are dubbed ‘primitive’ or ‘witch doctors’ when their work is based on an understanding that is way ahead of mainstream science. I am not for a moment saying that such people know everything, and most of the spiritual leaders of native peoples are now way back from the cutting edge themselves, but they still retain the basic understanding that mainstream science ignores and is encouraged to ignore by those who write the cheques: the primary state of this reality is vibrating energy and not the ‘physical’ world that we think we see.

Mainstream science is obsessed with only the ‘physical’ levelof perception which, as I shall show, is an illusion constructed by the mind / brain.”

~David Icke (A part of the book ‘Human race get off your knees’)


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