The balance of companionship and being alone


  Many people try to spend time together with family members, friends etc and fill it with different kind of events as much as possible. They are together with people almost always.


Then when the children go out for holiday or friends are far away for some reason, the pain of loneliness overcomes them.

What’s “wrong” with aloneness?

 Who is there with you when you are alone? 


 So who is the person you are in mood with?


… … …

Can you see? This is your real problem with aloneness.

 People who love their own presence, love to be alone.

They “need” their loved ones and friends NOT because they are terrified from being alone but because they can be happy and satisfied also when they are alone. 


 They can GIVE because they are whole even in the state of aloneness.


They can be creative, and aren’t afraid of their own thoughts and own emotions which come up only when they are alone.

 They aren’t afraid to face themselves clearly and honestly.

 They aren’t afraid to get to really know themselves.

 Of course if you fill this time with watching tv or chatting on facebook it’s very different. It’s obvious it’s not the case what I’m speaking about.

 Once I had come across a piece about Tantra, as you also might have, my dear reader. What I remember of it and would like to emphasise now is this:  “Spend a little time alone…”

 How do you want to know and understand others if you don’t know and understand yourself? 


 In ancient religious sources you can find many stories about the masters and gurus who became what they were indeed, exactly because they’d spent much time alone. We need to remember this to become our own masters and gurus.