Transition to a Money Free World / Interview with Nick Tapping Part 1


One of my favourite tools at raising awareness and adding my part to social activism, is INTERVIEWS.
Why? Because I found that when I ask some questions to those who are really making a difference in the world, their answers, insights and example can inspire many people to start thinking and acting.


Massive thank you to all of you amazing people who responded to my requests positively and gave me some precious time of your lives to answer my questions!
In this piece, I was lucky enough to get hold of Nick Tapping – married with two daughters, founder of the Money Free Party, a growing international party which came into existence first in the world in Poole, UK and has its headquarters and main base here, – for an interview in the living room of his Poole house. You can watch the first part of it below.

(The Money Free Party promotes a resource based, money free society, and gathers democratic consent for a resource based, money free society.
Globally they promote a direct and planned transition to a resourced based money free society.)