How to be positive indeed?


To be positive. What does this really mean?

 First let’s take a look at what it doesn’t mean.  Bruce_Lee_Pic_1



It doesn’t mean that

  • you don’t express your emotions if they are “negative”
  • you don’t consider / acknowledge the actual problem
  • you smile even if you are full of negative feelings and act just like you’d be happy / you pretend to be happy
  • underestimate the danger

Now let’s see what “being positive” DOES mean indeed:


As Bruce Lee stated once, if you understand the problem, you already solved it in half!

So to be positive really means that 

  • You understand the problem (usually it takes time and some research, sometimes more effort than you’d like…)
  • You consider the problem but keep it in mind that you have the ability to solve it
  • If you actually don’t have the ability to solve it, be conscious that you can ask for help and find the solution
  • You know and consider that there is always a solution to every problem or challenge (you should know that always there are 1000 ways but it’s good if we can see 2 or 3, simply because we weren’t taught to use the huge potential of our brain) 
  • You make your job easier if you call it a “challenge” or “lesson” instead of “problem” if possible


 To be positive in the human relationships means that you pay attention to others in a positive way and try to understand them – including the consideration of that: even if we do our best, relationships are full of miscommunication. Knowing this is the first step towards cleaning up the mess! 

After all the meaning of being positive is very close to what we call common sense. And very close to what we call love, liveliness and understanding.



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