Don’t engage with the negative vibes / Interview with Hummune’s members

A new series on Judit’s website: interviews with metal bands! Only those I really love! The first one is (drum roll please!): HUMMUNE.

– I read it on your website that Hummune stands for “Immune to humans” can you tell a bit more about this?

(Mike) Sure, it’s changed over the years. Originally it was about not being intimidated by people. At one point it was about disassociating ourselves with certain types of people. Lately to me it’s been about never engaging with the negative vibe of others.

(Stu) I guess Hummune is just the three of us, it’s like we are a living entity called ‘Hummune’. Only the three of us can ever be that, live it or perform it.Hummune1

– You put a lot of passion and anger into playing. But joy is there too as I noticed. What else?

(Mike) Hah yeah we enjoy ourselves on stage. That comes from letting the music absorb us in that situation. All the worries and hassles of life are completely forgotten.

(Stu) I guess it kind of becomes and out of body experience for me, all three of us get lost in the music, maybe a bit too much at times! It’s like flying with your feet on the ground! You got it spot on, anger but joy too… that is Hummune.

(Rik) Playing as a three piece it’s all about the vibes and feeling…getting into the songs that we play.



– How long have you guys been playing music?

I (Mike) started playing electric guitar at 17 learning Iron Maiden and Metallica songs.

I (Stu) started at school, so around 13, playing Motorhead, Hendrix and Sex Pistols songs, then went on to play in bands from 16 onwards… so for me it’s been, ummm around 36 years!!!

I (Rik) been playing for 31 years in various bands.

– Let us and the readers know you a bit more, some personal details about each one of you. Favourite food, loved subject back in primary school, favourite type of dinosaur, hobbies, favourite horror movie actor, favourite type of examination at the GP, and/or anything you’d love to mention about your childhood and/or adulthood?

(Mike) Most of my time is spent working on games or with the family. I try to go snowboarding as often as I can. Been doing that forever now. I don’t like horror films, love comedys. Favorite one? Anchorman. I Love Jazz flute.

(Stu) I love looking at the stars, doing creative stuff with my two children Eve and Ben, watching sci-fi movies, contemplating life and how we got here, what is our purpose? Listening to D-beat, Unsane, The Birthday Party, Can, Prong, Of cabbages and kings and as much obscure music I can lay my hands on. I have been a Graphic designer for more years than I can remember!

– What are the short and what are your long term goals, dreams if it comes to playing live, recording, releasing new albums?

(Mike) We’re writing new music all the time, but we’re really selective with the material that makes it into the next session. We’d like to play Europe soon though!



(Stu) Would love to go further and play Japan and the East coast and West coast of the USA too. One thing I would love to do is be a member of the audience when we play, just so I can see what we come across like, but that would need and out of body experience. Something that would be impossible (Or would it?) to do unless we could project our minds onto a member of the audience that gets relayed back to us on stage!

(Rik) Just want to release more albums and play bigger shows!

– It all sounds fascinating, I hope you’ll be able to make it all real 🙂

And how about your nightmares?

(Mike) Never have them, but I did get quite good at lucid dreaming. That comes in handy for writing actually – getting in the zone and singing into the voice recorder on my phone at 5am!

(Stu) I tend to dream in vivid detail, and get a lot of Deja Vu moments during the day! I have seen ghosts, met witches and been touched by the dead, plus experienced some very odd things over the years, the weirdest was meeting ET by a set of bins in Torquay, and the story of the headless fizzgig thing with only two legs. But those will have to wait for another day and a few spare hours to explain in detail!

– And what about the dreams about moving forward with the band you wouldn’t ever tell me?

(Mike) Well, the next album we’re writing for an audience of three. Us. Completely selfish. We joke about just printing 3 vinyls for ourselves. Something we’re 100% proud of. If others like it, great!

(Stu) I think the chance to play bigger stages, play out more and record an album that we feel is ‘The one”. Be totally self indulgent with it. Plus we want to harmonise our vocals and really push



our abilities in that department too!

– Why do you play music? It may sounds silly but I’m really eager to know what brings people to play, it’s different for everyone.

(Stu) For me, I play music because it gives me the same vibe as walking around an art gallery or museum, I find something that fixates me and I go on a journey in my mind and get lost in that creation, it’s pure escapism and joy of expression, egoless, fluid and fun.
(Mike) Escapism for me. On stage – time stands still and I like that. Doesn’t matter how big or small the crowd is. We’re in our own world.

– How many degrees is it on stage when you are playing?

(Mike) No idea, but by some miracle Stu seems to be able to wear 2 layers and a hoodie and not break a sweat. Me on the other hand…complete opposite. It’s probably why people avoid me afterwards.

(Stu) I remember learning a technique from when I was a child after watching a documentary on how amazing the body is, I learnt that I could control my internal and external temperature by the power of my mind and breathing correctly, I studied Bruce Lee a lot too!

– That’s amazing, I love Bruce Lee too though I read about his philosophy only, I guess I should learn more about those techniques too! 🙂

What are your lyrics about – politics, personal experiences, polar bears or the neighbours?

(Mike) Most of them are about the people and experiences around us. I’m thinking the new stuff will have more political elements in there. But then that’s the silver lining in it all. Shit political outcomes can create cool art.

(Stu) As Mike has said, the words come from conflict, love, hate and all that surrounds us, but there is always some political message in there, somewhere, however unobvious it may seem to the reader, like a lot of lyrics they have specific meaning to us, and the reader may interpret them differently?

– What kind of crown is “Destroyer Of This Crown” is about for instance?

(Mike) That’s actually about someone knowingly and purposefully wrecking a friendship/bond/whatever. No matter what you do to try and fix it, they have their hands on the controls and ultimately decide when things will end.

(Stu) I think there are a few lyrics in this that have a poignant memory for me, it gives me a chance to vent each time we play it!

(Continued below)

– About when will we see you live next?

(Mike) We’re at The Unicorn, Camden on the 17th December then that’s it for this year.

If you’re interested keep watching our Facebook page as we tend to get invited to shows last minute.

(Stu) Plus we have some shows lined up in the New Year in 2017. It’s all on Facebook.

– I’m still thinking – what questions should I ask next?

(Mike) Lol I dunno…What is your Dog’s name? Answer: Meg. She’s very friendly… but a complete twat.

(Stu) What food do we like the most, because we talk about food all the time, especially biscuits! What is your favourite biscuit?

– I love the idea, next time we’ll talk about food only! (Maybe a little bit about pets too.) 😉 Massive thank you guys!

Thanks for interviewing us! 🙂 ~Stu


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