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You choose war over peace, because…

  …you don’t even realize what you’re doing. “We have drama-filled lives because of fears that peace is boring. There’s a lot of reinforcement in the media for this belief, with every television show and movie filled with conflict and drama. I discovered this personally when TV producers at three different networks separately contacted me […]

Funny advice: 5 ways to a miserable life

  1. STRIVE TO BE PERFECT Remind yourself at every occasion that you’ve got to get this perfectly right or you will never be approved of/loved/included or respected. That sounds like a fun way of going about things. 2. COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS By judging yourself and others, you’ll either get to feel smug or […]

Well, I think this is the kind of collection which is demonstrative enough…

…to persuade you that you don’t need any suffering in life.    “Suffering is only necessary until you realize it is unnecessary!”“This inner alignment with Now is the end of suffering.” ~ Eckhart Tolle “Suffering is an unnecessary aspect of the human experience. It is not only unnecessary, but also stupid. Unpleasant and it’s extremely […]