Regain your inner peace


For me -as an activist and life coach- it’s crucially important to keep my inner peace despite what’s happening outside.

 Of course, because of the fact that I’m very sensitive and empathic, I often feel desperate and sad because of what I can see: war, suffering, poverty, the devastation of nature… but over and over again I do everything to regain my inner peace. Think about it: if you activists 

and people who are sensitive and ready to do everything for making the world a better place get sick, who will be able to help?

 We live in a very significant time – we ‘ve got two choices, just as Jacque Fresco said: Paradise OR Oblivion;  The First Civilization Or Devastation;  A Completely New Era of Responsibility, Abundance, Sharing and Creativity OR Disappearance of the Human Race from the Earth…

So it’s crucial what we choose: to let ourselves get sick, weak and powerless OR we do everything to regain our calmness, creativity and inner peace -over and over again if necessary! We must do our best for achieving an inner harmony and balance.

So I decided to understand and get the most out of the old wise teachings, for instance the teachings of Zen:

1. Do one thing at a time
2.  Do it slowly and deliberately
3. Do it completely
4. Do less
5. Put space between things
6. Develop rituals
7. Designate time for certain things
8. Devote time to sitting
9. Smile and serve others
10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation
11. Think about what is necessary
12. Live simply

I recommend you to do the same 🙂 So we’ll be able to change the world indeed!