Funny advice: 5 ways to a miserable life


1. STRIVE TO BE PERFECT Remind yourself at every occasion that you’ve got to get this perfectly right or you will never be approved of/loved/included or respected. That sounds like a fun way of going about things.

2. COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS By judging yourself and others, you’ll either get to feel smug or crap (but how often will you really allow yourself to feel smug?)

  3.MAKE HAPPINESS CONDITIONALConstantly tell yourself and others:’I’ll be happy when…..I’m thinner/richer/more successful” etc. You’re putting your happiness on hold and living infantasy land.

  4.TRY TO PROVE THAT YOU’RE SOMEONE by pretending to be someone you’re not. A great strategy for constantly proving to yourself that you’re not good enough as you are.

  5.SPEND ALL YOUR TIME AND ENERGY TRYING TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY   Some of the time perhaps? But notice how much energy you spend focussing on other people’s lives – mind your own business! Laughing 

  Thank you Suzy Greaves 🙂